2011 Airline First Officer Programs
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To be admitted to any Global Pilot Training Center program, please send your resume to us by visiting our Web site, We?ll review your qualifications and contact you with an evaluation for enrollment. If you are just short of requirements or need brushing up, we will work with you to get you up to speed and on your way to a lucrative aviation career.

FAA Part 61 Flight Training Program
A320 First Officer Internship Program
A320-300-500 hour Internship Training (Type Rated Pilots)
Regional Airline Turbine Beech 1900 Program

Minimum requirements:

Medical Certificate Class 1
CPL, Multi, IFR
Experience: 250/500 hours typed or non-typed
FAA/JAA or ICAO pilot certificate

Admission Steps

  1. Send Your resume to our admission dept. Include all specifics about yourself and your pilot training. You may also tell us about your personal objectives, interests and needs.
  2. Initial Screening – (Upon receipt at Global Pilot Training Center):The candidate’s resume will be evaluated. If you are determined to be an acceptable candidate, you will be contacted by a Global Pilot Training Center admission officer who will inform you of:
    1. The cost of the Program (s) you have selected.
    2. Your date choice availability for your upcoming training schedule.
    3. Hotel/housing availability and application procedure to be followed.
  3. Admission Application procedure:
    1. The candidate must complete and submit an admission application form This form may be submitted on-line by sending it on line.
  4. Training Class Instructions:
    1. At least 7 days prior to your Class Start, you will be informed of your Miami arrival date and training schedule.
    2. You will receive an introductory kit that includes a brochure on the program, pilot materials and aircraft manual.
    3. Hotel reservations (date, rate and address).
    4. International Pilots will be advised about the required TSA background check (including all necessary ID paperwork required by TSA).
  5. Arriving at Global Pilot Training Center: Upon your arrival, you will be
    received in our office to accept course material and your schedule. This will be a full day as we review the ground school, simulator department and go over course program before you start your training.

Payment Procedures:

GPTC does not work with up front payment and does not change admission fee.
All payment are progressively up.
For more details contact our admission dept.

For any questions you might have or how we might be of further assistance, please contact us on line or give us a call at 305-407-3608