2011 Airline First Officer Programs
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1. What guarantee do I have that GPTC will place me with an Airline?

We work with several.

2. How much do I have to pay in advance?

Absolutely nothing! The new management of GPTC changed the payment rules by not charging any student in advance. We even send airline tickets to our students to come to our Center in Miami if it comes to be difficult for our trainees to purchase Airfare from their countries.

3. How long do I have to wait?

It depends on the flow of the airline’s hiring our candidates . The average time is between 2 to 8 months.

4. What is the difference between the new and the old administration?

The new administration changed two major rules in the company.

1) Payment schedule

In the old administration a 50 % fee was requested up front and when a common delay happened the trainee was feeling affected causing GPTC a big stress.

In the new administration no money is requested up front…. The trainee will pay when his / her slot is opened with the airline and confirmed.

2) Schedule and deadlines

In the Old administration the students were given a generally dead line of 4 to 8 weeks and sometimes it took up to 10 months for the administration to place these pilots.

In the new administration we only invite 3 to 5 pilots at a time and a new group of 3 to 5 pilots is called when the previous is flying it makes the pipe line to flow accordingly and GPTC honors deadlines.

5. How long does it take to do the jet transition A320 type rating and the base check?

The type rating takes approximately 35 day.

6. Is housing included in the price while doing the type rating? If not how much is it every month? Are meals included?

No, $55 per night. Meals are not included; you will spend about $15 per day on food. Food is within walking distance.

7. I have read some bad things about Global Pilot Training Center (GPTC) on a website recently. Should I believe these negative comments or are they rumors placed by disgruntled customers with emotional problems?

The Internet is a free forum open to anybody with a grudge (warranted or not), against another individual or company. It is also open to use by unscrupulous business people who attack their competitors anonymously to gain an undeserved advantage.

There is another aspect to this situation you should be aware of. Most aviation websites make money by selling advertising to businesses in their trade; ie. companies like ours. And frequently, some of these website companies employ tactics designed to generate income by extorting money from businesses receiving negative comments posted on their site. They do so by promising to remove these negative comments from their website for any company who advertises or buys banners on their site. GPTC refuses to play this game and refrains from advertising on any website that offers to remove derogatory comments in exchange for advertising revenue.

Which raises another important issue. No website, as far as we know, verifies the accuracy of comments made by those posting commentary (good or bad), on their site. This means, everything you read on any open forum website should be taken with a grain of salt. It is a reality of life that some people posting comments about other people or businesses, may have a personal agenda. Not everybody is honest, fair or objective. And there is always a strong possibility that some people are troublemakers; seeking to create problems, make false innuendoes or place fake testimonials.

8. Is the line training done with a contract between the student and the airline?

No, the contract is with us.

9. How long does it take to complete the 300 hours and 500 hours of line training?

The 300 hour program takes approximately 4 months, no more than 5 months to complete. The 500 hour program takes approximately 8 months, no more than 9 months to complete.

10. What countries house the airlines you work with?

The countries are in the central and eastern part of Europe.

11. Do you get paid while you are doing your line training? If so, how much every month?

No you do not get paid.

12. In the cost are all taxes, paperwork,visa documents,and/or wxaminers fees included ?

Yes they are.

13. How does the payment get broken down into a schedule?

Check with your admission officer the payment plan designed for your training.

14. Are they able to be re-hired after they complete the program?

Sometimes outstanding pilots maybe offered line positions.

15. Do we provide housing while the student is doing their line training?

No, they must secure their own housing, but there is assistance by the airline personnel.

16. Where is the type rating done?

In England or Miami, Florida.

17. Is this program open to International students?

Yes, the fact is that a majority of our clients come from all parts of the world. The line training we offer is very conducive to launching their careers as First Officer jet pilots with as little as 550 total time hours.

18. Where are you located?

Miami International Airport.

19. How many, and what type of training programs does GPTC offer?

GPTC offers several programs you might want to consider. 1. A Line Training program for A320 Type rated pilots (FAA, JAA or ICAO). 2. A combined Type rating/Line Training Program for pilots who have their CPL/IFR rating and license and want earn a n A320 Type Rating and gain experience to qualify for a job as airline First Officer. Pilots may be residents or citizens of any country to enter these programs. 3. A combined B1900 Type Rating and Line Training program qualifying pilots for employment as First Officer on the training airline. Pilots interested in the B1900 program must be U.S. citizens (or legal residents).

20. How does GPTC get me the experience needed to help me get a job as airline First Officer?

Airlines do not hire inexperienced, low-hour pilots. Thus, new pilots, with no time in type, will not get hired as a First Officer by any airline. To overcome this problem, GPTC contracts with several airline partners who, in exchange for payment from GPTC, agree to allow our low-hour pilots gain experience as First Officer crew members aboard their aircraft. GPTC screens candidates for these positions and arranges a training date for those candidates who demonstrate superior flight skills.

21. How do I know that my advance payments will be safe?

This is a common concern, and to make sure you do not lose your money, GPTC’s new management has changed its policies to assure that all advance payments are safeguarded. We do this by staging payments in phases and seeing to it that the funds received are deposited into a separate Business Escrow account under the control of an independent agent instructed to release the funds only for training purposes.

22. After I complete the GPTC program, what guarantee do I have that I will be placed with an Airline?

No guarantee at all. All we can promise is to prepare you as well as we can; and of course, help you to succeed through our well-documented instruction and mentoring process. We also do everything possible to encourage our pilots to develop the right attitude, and learn the appropriate piloting procedures demanded by the Chief Pilots and Human Resource executives of all interviewing commercial airlines. We also pledge to seek interview opportunities for all pilots who successfully complete our First Officer programs. This process includes personal contact with many of the world’s fastest growing airlines, together with pre-interview practice and prep (editing your CV, concentration on your English language proficiency and communication skills; and lessons on proper grooming, posture and attitude during job interviews).

23. How long do I have to wait?

It depends on the flow of the airline hiring our candidates. Since we can only accommodate a few pilots at a time, the average wait time needed is between 2 to 8 months. To be fair to everybody, we have established a waiting list based upon the actual time we receive and approve your application.

24. How does the waiting list work?

We will evaluate your skills and give you an estimated wait time for your Airline Line Training to begin. But the good news is; you will only be required to make a small deposit, with no further payments charged until you are accepted as a candidate for training and receive your date to begin the airline’s security entry procedure.

25. Some people have posted negative comments about GPTC, what do you have to say about them?

Not everything posted online is true. We’ve had problems caused by unscrupulous competitors, and in one instance by a group of pilots who conspired against GPTC, contacted our airline partners in attempts to circumvent our relationship with the airline in order to obtain a volume discount for the group. By doing so, these pilots broke their contract with GPTC and corrupted our relationship with the airline. Our legal remedy compelled us to declare their advance payments forfeited in default.

26. Is there any possibility I can lose my money with a line training program?

To avoid such problems in the future, GPTC’s new management has established a new payment procedure. Under this new arrangement our pilot candidates do not make an advance payment until he or she is evaluated, deemed qualified for the program and agrees to sign up to enter the program. All subsequent payments are staged (made in 3 or more installments), and paid directly into to a separate Business Escrow Account monitored by a third part independent agent.

27. If I am part of the old administration and did not receive my training what is the status?

The new GPTC management has agreed to honor existing agreements with qualified candidates, offering them the opportunity to enter a future Line training program. This offer excludes any pilot who has joined in a conspiracy to disturb or circumvent GPTC’s contract with any former airline partner. In no case, will the new management accept responsibility to refund any deposits made to the former management. However, the new management has agreed to establish a procedure to schedule a training date for all candidates who qualify under the conditions set forth. To assure GPTC will honor all existing trainee arrangements with the old administration, a special hot line for these requests will be established.