2011 Airline First Officer Programs
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Airbus 320 First Officer K. NG

“After a long tiring search for a professional training provider to place my dream flying career onto, I’d finally found this Global Pilot Training Center at last and I can honestly tell you that I made the right decision to go for this GPTC for building the A320 hours that I have ever dreamed of.

There are few virtues which are important to me when it comes to choosing a Flight school ; these are quality of training, Professionalism, understanding what I need, assistance at any time without delay and of course the friendly staff no doubt!!!

Within the first month of contact, I had already been contacted by the airline, and within a short time after that I was at the right seat on the A320 without any hesitation, the experiences in the airline were tremendous as well as unforgettable!!! “

I am so grateful that I found Global Pilot Training Center.

Airbus 320 First Officer K. NG

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