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Marcelo Loureiro

“As a young pilot who had just completed his CPL, and was looking for a job as an airline pilot, I quickly realized I did not possess the necessary experience to be hired by a large commercial airline. It became obvious to me, that no airline will hire an inexperienced pilot with low hours in-type, and therefore, it was my responsibility to meet the standards qualifying me for an entry level job as an airline First Officer.

As any young pilot should do, I began my research on line, where all I saw were people bad mouthing the industry in general, and the few companies (like GPTC), who offered similar Line Training programs. After reading these comments, I realized that the majority of pilots expressing these negative thoughts on line, had no airline experience, and  were both bitter and unemployed. Since there was no other way to gain experience, I made my decision to move forward (despite the sour grapes of these whiners), by interviewing all possible alternatives and making my own, informed choice.

It wasn’t long before I elected to go with GPTC. Why did I do so? First, I was impressed with their open, frank and professional manner. I also liked the fact that the company is owned and operated by young, professional airline pilots themselves. Pilots who had faced the same problems getting experience (and hired), that I was facing. Do I regret my decision? Absolutely not! I am here to say that I have received the necessary experience from GPTC. Plus, I received invaluable in-type experience and mentors who gave me the best quality coaching insights that prepared me to join the seat I currently occupy today as F/O for one of the the largest and most successful South American air carriers. I have been truly blessed by the help I received from GPTC, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to all young pilots seeking airline career’s. One last thought about the negative attitude
we see and read on websites like P Prune. Not every pilot is likely to posses the necessary pilot skills, concentration and  determination required to make it as an airline pilot. Is it possible, that many of these complaints and negative charges we find on the Internet, are the result of personal shortcomings, rather than the training centers being complained about?

Marcelo Loureiro
F/O A319/320/321

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