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A320 First Officer Internship Program

Airbus A320 Type Rating and Line Training Program

In close cooperation a with few of Europe?s fastest growing airlines, we offer only for first officers a unique package to significantly boost up your job chances on the world airline job market. With the line training package, you will be fully integrated into airline operations for at least 300 hours of guaranteed internship. You will receive all training necessary, like CRM, DG, FF, SEC, etc., to be part of an airline cockpit crew.

While simulators are a valuable and acceptable training tool, real flying time, familiarity with cockpit flows, system and emergency procedures, as well as flying, traffic control and airline procedures, are all very necessary ingredients needed to develop flying skills and other attributes that make a pilot preferred job applicant.

At the present time, we can accommodate only four (4) First Officer interns a month in our Direct Seat Internship program. Initially, candidates for these positions will be invited to visit our Miami, FL headquarters for a brief interview and evaluation session.

Candidates who hold a current Type Rating, but who have not retained their A320 flows, cockpit and flight proficiency, may be asked to remain and take a Jet Recurrency program (offered by a local FAA part 142 Flight Academy) to update their skills.

The benefit of the GPTC approach is that we help pilots from Day 1, to become airline pilots. This is achieved in a multi-crew, operating-airline environment, where your flying proficiency is delivered by experienced, airline trained aircrew members. We deliver the actual experience in the very same aircraft-type you expect to begin your airline career on.

Apply for the GPTC First Officer Internship Program TODAY!

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You could be losing upwards of $250,000 in career earnings, when you choose to take the traditional, much slower career path!

This common approach to a professional aviation career is to gain employment as a flight instructor, building hours and adding ratings. While it?s a popular approach, it?s not the best way to jump-start your career. Time is money, and you could be spending three to four years before you are able to break into your first turbo prop job.

The total package consists of:
  • Assessment (for line training only)
  • MCC Airbus A320 (if needed)
  • Airbus A320 Type Rating
  • Skill Test
  • Low Visibility Training and Checking CATIIIb
  • Base Training (life touch and go training)
  • Company Conversion Course incl. Less Paper Cockpit Training
  • Observer Flights
  • Line Flying Training on Airbus A319/320/321
  • Line Check
Here is more information for different parts of the total package:
  • Jet Transition/IFR refreshment: The GPTC Team will bring the pilot to Miami and the Program will start with a refreshment program given by competent staff personel
  • Type Rating Airbus A320:The Type Rating A320 is characterized by high-quality training. That is mainly done by two aspects
1. The type rating consists of 40 hours Full Flight Simulator (FFS), and in addition with 40 hours additional training on a MFTD. The MFTD is a JAR-FCL 2A certified training device. All the sessions are Flight Instructor assisted and are similar to the Full Flight Training Sessions
2. All our instructors (without exceptions) are experienced Pilots on the A320.
    · Skill Test: The skill test is performed according to the regulations of JAR FCL and done by our own TRE?s.
    · CATIIIb:The Low Visibility Training and Checking qualifies the pilot to a CATIIIb with NO Decision Height Operation.
    · Base Training:The Base Training includes 6 T/O and Landings. There after the A320 rating can be endorsed to your JAR or ICAO license.
    · Conversion Training: The Conversion Training is the theoretical and practical preparation for the Line Flying. Company Familiarization, Operator Proficiency Check, Less Paper Cockpit (LPC), Flight Safety, Security, CRM, Dangerous Goods, Fire Fighting, Cabin Mock Up Training, and Ditching are the main topics.
    · Observer Flights: Before the Line Training starts, 12 sectors are performed on the observer seat. These sectors as additional crew member do not count to the 300 hours of line training.
· Line Flying: 300 hours Block Time on modern A319, A320, and A321 aircrafts. The average sector time is 1hoo min. The 300 Block hours are related to about 300 sectors. During Line Training the operator provides you with a uniform and ID card. You WILL be employed before you start your line experience.
    · Line Check:The Line Training will be completed by a Line Check according to EU-OPS 1.965, performed by one of our TRE?s or TRI?s
· Additional Info: . All transportation to other locations and the accommodations at other locations than base is organized and paid by the airline operator. The operator is not responsible for pilots living expenses in the base. Package price includes the required training material, the ground school, CBT, required documents, CD?s, security clearances, company ID card, uniform, etc. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN EXTRA COSTS
· ICAO Licence: The type rating, the MCC and the Low Visibility Qualifications can be endorsed on an ICAO license. (Check your national requirements) For Line Flying, the license has to be validated by the national authority. A test in Air Law has to be done for that validation.


For the total Airbus A320 package:
A. A320 Type Rating/Line Training Internship Program—300 HOURS

A320 Type Rating

A320 Base Check

A320 Line Training—300 Hours

Check with admission dept.

B. A320 Type Rating/Line Training Internship Program—500 HOURS

A320 Type Rating

A320 Base Check

A320 Line Training—500 Hours

Check with admission officer. (FAA/ICAO)

Check with admission officer. (JAA)

C. Line Training Only

300 Hours – Check with admission officer.

500 Hours – Check with admission officer.


March 8 and March 22

April 12 and April 26

May 10 and May 24

June 14 and June 28

July 12 and July 26

August 9 and August 23

September 6 and September 20

October 11 and October 25

November 8 and November 15

December 6

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