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A320 Line Training 300 Hours Internship/500 Hours Internship

A320 First Officer Internship (FAA/ICAO)

(Candidates must have earned an A320 FAA (ICAO) Type Rating from an accredited flight training school). Program consists of 300 hours of Line Training flying on company routes as a crewmember of the contracted carrier.

Basic Information:

Airline:GPTC has contracted with four carriers
Airline Location: Central and Eastern Europe – Asia
Airport: Various major airports
Duration of Training: Approximately 3-4 months
Airline Routes: Russia, Dubai, Turkey, France, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Asia, England, Italy
Equipment: Airbus 320 aircraft
Base Checks: The Base Training includes 6 T/O and landings. Thereafter, the A320 rating can be endorsed to your JAR or ICAO
Conversion Training: The Conversion Training is the theoretical and practical preparation for the Line Flying. Company familiarization, operator proficiency check, less paper cockpit (LPC), flight safety, security, CRM, dangerous goods, fire fighting, cabin mock up training, and ditching are the main topics.
Observer Flights: Before the line training starts, 12 sectors are performed on the observer seat. These sectors as additional crew member do not count to the 300 hours of line training.
Line Flying: 300 hours block time on modern A319, A320, and A321 aircrafts. The average sector time is 1 hour minimum. The 300 block hours are related to about 300 sectors. During line training the operator provides you with an ID card. You WILL be employed before you start your line experience.
Additional Info: All transportation to other locations and the accommodations at other locations than base is organized and paid by the airline operator. The operator is not responsible for pilots living expenses in the base. Package price includes, the required training material, the ground school, CBT, required documents, CD’s, security clearances, company ID card, etc.
Housing: All airlines have adequate housing available near the respective airports. The flight crew training manager will provide the interns with a list of housing facilities. Interns will select, negotiate, and pay the costs for their own housing and meals.


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300 Hours 500 Hours
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