2011 Airline First Officer Programs
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FAA Part 61 Flight Training Program

Receive your Private, Instrument, Single engine Commercial and Multi Engine Commercial Ratings within 6 months for only:

  • $42,500 with a Cessna 152 and Piper Seneca/Seminole/Duchess
  • $45,500 with a Cessna 172 and Piper Seneca/Seminole/Duchess
  • Each Training Program includes C-182 G1000/Extra 300L
  • Housing/Transportation for six months
  • Airline JET Orientation A320
  • ATC Operations
  • AOPA Renters Insurance

The Professional Pilot Program

The candidate will receive the following flight hours:
License Dual Solo/PIC/BT Simulator Total Time
Private 50 10 60
Instrument 20 60 20 100
Commercial 19 83 98
Checkride 5 5
Multi-Engine 15 15
Grand Total 282

By completion of the program the candidate will receive the following:

VFR-IFR Charts
Airport Facility Directory
Oral Exam Guides
Jespersen Private Kit
Jespersen Instrument/Commercial Kit
Cessna 152 POH
Multi Engine POH
First Class Medical (if eligible)
TSA & M1 Visa
Private, Instrument, & Commercial Written
4 Practical Exams
100 Hours Ground School
15 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (private)
15 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (instrument)
15 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (commercial)
15 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (Multi)
50 Hours C-152 (Dual)
10 Hours C-152 (Solo)
130 Hours C-152 (Crew Time)
20 Hours C-152 (Dual IFR)
20 Hours Simulator Time
15 Hours C-152 Dual Commercial Training
15 Hours Dual Multi Training
8 Hours Solo Cross Country
5 Hours Solo Night Flight
5 Hours practical test
Airline SOP – A320
Air Traffic Control Operations ICAO – FAA
3 Hours High Performance C-182 G-1000
1 Hour Spin Recovery Training (Extra-300L) Acrobatic
Uniforms (Logo Shirts)
Total Flight Hours 262
Solo Flight Hours 23
PIC 115
Simulator 20

Total cost to the student will be $42,500 USD; which is the sum of $35,000 training costs and $7,500 housing/transportation cost for 6 months (housing & transportation is optional). Students may substitute the Cessna 152 with a Cessna 172 for an additional charge of $3000 bringing the total cost of training to $45,500.
All paperwork for issuance of a USA Visa will be provided by Global/Asoler. Upon the students initial deposit of $2500 USD.
The candidate pays $200 USD for SEVIS and Visa Application fees directly to the US Embassy.
The candidate is required to pay a minimum of $21,250 USD for flight training upon arrival to Miami, Florida to Global. The second installment of $21,250 USD 30 days after start date. The student’s balance must not go below positive $2k during training.
The Cadet at Global housing must pay $7,500 USD for shared housing and transportation for 6 months prior to arrival in Miami, Florida, which is no-refundable. But included in the first payment to the Academy.
The training period for the professional pilot training program is six months and may be completed in 5 months.
The rental fee prices are subject to change based on current fuel prices. If for any reason fuel prices go higher than $5.95 USD gallon, there will be a fuel surcharge which will be paid by the candidate.
Some students require more training than what is outlined in the training proposal. Any additional training costs including more flight hours or ground time than is quoted must be paid outside of the program costs.

At Global, our 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments are tastefully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen and laundry separate living and dining areas and a master bedroom with a bathroom.

Facilities for Guests

Transportation To & From Academy

  • High-speed internet in every apartment
  • All utilities are included
  • Quality custom-designed furniture
  • Distinctive granite-top kitchen counters with all cooking utensils
  • Complete set of china, glassware, bed linens and towels
  • Cable TV in every room
  • Imported tile in the living room, dining and kitchen areas
  • Unlimited local calling and voice mail service
  • Full-size washer and dryer in every apartment
  • Terraces and balconies for your enjoyment
  • Biweekly housekeeping services
  • Welcome package

Guests will also enjoy these features:

  • Gated community
  • Business Center with high speed Internet access
  • Fitness Center
  • Swimming pool with Jacuzzi
  • Onsite corporate management team

Housing & Transportation Professional Pilot Program

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