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Regional Airline Turbine Beech 1900 Program



* Log more than 300 Hours Of Airline Quality Multi-Engine Turbine Flight Training.

* Rapidly Advance Your Airline Pilot Career With Turboprop Flight Time In The Beech 1900D

* Increase Your Airline Operational Knowledge With Line Observation and Jump Seat Flights

* Train And Check As An Airline Pilot in State-Of-The-Art Beech 1900D Level-D (“FSS”) Full Flight Simulator at Flight Safety. Typed BE1900D SIC.

* Type training with guaranteed line placement as a Regional Airline First Officer!

* Direct Entry.

* Only U.S Based Airline Program Accepting International Pilots.

* Only Airline Beech 1900 Program Accepting world wide pilots to fly in the United States of America.

Hours ——— Areas of Training
90 Ground School Airline Indoctrination And Operations
40 CRM (Crew Resource Management) and Airline Briefing
90 Ground School Beech 1900D Systems Integration
32 Frasca 242 Beech 1900D Turboprop Simulator Training
4 Beech 1900D Aircraft Static Session And EFIS Training
28 Full Flight Simulator Level-D Beech 1900D Flight Training
8 Airline Line Observation Jump Seat Flights Beech 1900D
300 Flying Line As Part-121 In Beech 1900D

582 Total Hours Of Training
Including 368 Hours of Turboprop Experience.

* All training hours are based on averages while the actual amount of training is based on individual proficiency.

* Programs are approved and conducted primarily under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 121, with some limited Part 91 training.

* Prior flight experience is required including commercial, instrument, and multi-engine rating.

* The cost for all materials and check rides is included in the overall program.

We invite you to carefully review the policies of other flight schools then ask yourself this very important final question: Will I need to work as a flight instructor or purchase some other costly flight-time building program just to obtain a First Officer job INTERVIEW with an airline? The answer is, unconditionally, Yes with most other programs.

First Officer candidates must be 18 years of age, hold FAA Commercial and Instrument certificates with a Multi-engine rating, a valid passport, and a first class medical certificate. The candidate will be required to demonstrate pilot proficiency and aeronautical knowledge via a simulator evaluation and written examination.

* International Pilots Welcome

* The actual number of weeks it will take to complete ground school and flight training will vary according to the individual’s schedule and proficiency

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